Sunday, December 9, 2012

 2012 Ornaments

I bought a couple of ornaments the other day, when I went to Beverly Hills for lunch.  My youngest son loves nutcrackers.  I am not sure when or how it started, but his Christmas tree has nutcrackers all over it.  My mom and I have been getting them for a while now.  I saw these ornaments in Crate and Barrel and knew that I needed to get one for him and his newborn son.  He was so excited when he saw them.  All of his nutcrackers have color, so these were very different from the other ornaments.  I wasn't sure that he would like them - but he did.  I think he was more touched that I got one for his son, too.

I found these glittery initial ornaments in Pottery Barn.  I was able to get one for each of the grand kids, plus the new twins.  I wish I knew what my niece's baby is going to be named - I would have gotten one for her too.  These will go on my grand kids' tree.

I, really, want to make some ornaments today - but this cold/flu is kicking my rear.  So it probably won't happen.  I don't want to start something to today and not be able to finish it.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

 Christmas Tree Crazy

I love Christmas.  I love the music, the feelings, the cookies, the lights and the decorations.  I love to decorate my house.  In the past, I have decorated 15 trees in my house.  One or two trees in every room, with a theme.  My boys, nieces and grand kids each had their own tree theme.  I would start decorating in November, during my break.  One room a day approach.  Every year, I would get an idea for a different tree and so I would start decorating a new tree before Christmas.  Unfortunately, I haven't decorated like that in 4 years - with health issues and not being around for my November break.  I think, as the boys got older they didn't like it as much either.  I, really, miss it.

The tree farm started when my youngest son was little.  We put up a big tree in the living room, with all my Hallmark ornaments and the ornaments that the boys had made.  That Christmas, my husband and I had the flu and were spending most of the time in the family room, laying on the couch - with no tree.  So, I went to the store and got a small tree that we decorated with things from around the house.  I loved that tree. 

I remembered that my grandmother's tree had felt ornaments on it.  I called it the "tacky tree".  The ornaments were old and falling apart.  I wish I had those ornaments today.  So, the day after Christmas that year, I went looking for kits to make those ornaments.  I wanted ornaments just like my Grandma.  I bought a few kits that year, then continued to add to the collection of kits.  I haven't made any of those ornaments yet.

The trees just started to grow each year after that.  My youngest son loves nutcrackers, so he wanted a nutcracker tree.  He would fall asleep with the tree lights on - the timer shut them off.  Now, that he has his own son he asked if next year I would put the trees up.  He told me how much he loved Christmas in our house with all the decorations.  This year, I will put up one tree, just for my grand kids.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

 Making a List

Sometimes I am a list maker, I didn't use to be.  But, with old age setting in I forget things easily - or my  hubby says I am trying to do way too much.  It is an old habit which is very hard to break. 

I broke my list up to places to go, things to do, pictures I need to take or work on and what I need to get at the store.  There is no food on the list.  I cooked the whole month hubby was home and now, I can't think of a single thing I want to make.  It doesn't help that I was feeling sick all week.  Now, the key thing with the list idea is that I need to remember to take it when I run all my errands today, on a Saturday.  Instead of playing with the Kiwi or my sewing machine.  I did add some creative fun on the list, but I have to get the errands finished first.

Tomorrow, I will be going to a wine luncheon tasting with Jen.  She goes every year and I can never make it for some reason.  I hope my stomach calms down so I can, actually enjoy it.  It is a wine pairing lunch, I will blog more about it tomorrow.

Ok, going to check my list twice and see what I can cross off before the stores open up or maybe I will get another cup of coffee, first.