Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Tree Crazy

I love Christmas.  I love the music, the feelings, the cookies, the lights and the decorations.  I love to decorate my house.  In the past, I have decorated 15 trees in my house.  One or two trees in every room, with a theme.  My boys, nieces and grand kids each had their own tree theme.  I would start decorating in November, during my break.  One room a day approach.  Every year, I would get an idea for a different tree and so I would start decorating a new tree before Christmas.  Unfortunately, I haven't decorated like that in 4 years - with health issues and not being around for my November break.  I think, as the boys got older they didn't like it as much either.  I, really, miss it.

The tree farm started when my youngest son was little.  We put up a big tree in the living room, with all my Hallmark ornaments and the ornaments that the boys had made.  That Christmas, my husband and I had the flu and were spending most of the time in the family room, laying on the couch - with no tree.  So, I went to the store and got a small tree that we decorated with things from around the house.  I loved that tree. 

I remembered that my grandmother's tree had felt ornaments on it.  I called it the "tacky tree".  The ornaments were old and falling apart.  I wish I had those ornaments today.  So, the day after Christmas that year, I went looking for kits to make those ornaments.  I wanted ornaments just like my Grandma.  I bought a few kits that year, then continued to add to the collection of kits.  I haven't made any of those ornaments yet.

The trees just started to grow each year after that.  My youngest son loves nutcrackers, so he wanted a nutcracker tree.  He would fall asleep with the tree lights on - the timer shut them off.  Now, that he has his own son he asked if next year I would put the trees up.  He told me how much he loved Christmas in our house with all the decorations.  This year, I will put up one tree, just for my grand kids.

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