Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October Crazy

This month is crazy, like out of control busy.  I got back from Hawaii at the end of September because I needed to go back to work.  It was really hard leaving Hawaii and my hubby this time.  But, I missed the grand kids a lot, too.  I got back on a Wednesday, spent two days catching up and running errands.  I set up my classroom on Saturday, then we headed to Disneyland for the evening.  I bought the kids and
grand kids passes.  We have been to Disney - 3 times in a week.  I love that magical place.

This is why my month is crazy - Back to school/work, 1 baby shower for a son, 1 wedding for another son, 2 grand kids birthday parties (that I am in charge of), hubby and mother in law are coming for the birthday parties.  One of the parties is a slumber party, at my house.  The other party is a big first birthday, luckily at my mom's house.  Then, I have parent/teacher conferences, a pumpkin patch field trip and a fall party at school.  Whew, I am going to be tired - but I will add some more Disney trips to the mix.

On Sunday, we got there when the park opened and stayed until noon.  I was home by 12:45 and in bed for a nap by 12:50.  I love taking naps on Sunday afternoons.  Here are a few pics.

This little guy wasn't too sure about the characters.  We hadn't planned to look for characters, this trip.  But, there was a wait for breakfast - so it worked out perfect.

I love the decorations at Disney, during October.  I am going next Sunday, just to take pics of the decorations.  I need to get some scrapbooking done.  I haven't done anything in such a long time.  My poor grandson will be one at the end of the month and he doesn't have a scrapbook - at all, nothing. So sad.

This month is going to be crazy busy, but I wouldn't change it.  The best part, besides all of the memories happening - hubby is coming home for good.  Yup, when he comes home for the party - he will be home.  He has been living in Hawaii for 3 years and now, he will be all mine.  The grand daughters are super excited that he is coming home.  I love that guy.

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