Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Joy58 - The Project

Elise Blaha Cripe has a wonderful blog.  Last year, she did a project to celebrate her 29th birthday.  MAKE29- she made 29 or 2900 projects every month.  I wanted to do something similar, but lets face it I will be 58 in March and I am not doing 58 of anything, every month.  But, the project kept haunting me and I needed to figure out a way to do it.  This year, has lots of changes for me - I will be retiring in June, spending more time with hubby and the grand kids.  Trying to figure out where I fit in to this new life.   I thought about the things that bring me JOY and wanted to do more of those things, in smaller chunks.  I love creating things, but I don't really need 20 knitted shawls - but I realize that  I love the process of creating things.

Then, yesterday, Elise revealed her next birthday year project - the idea of giving.  You can read about it here.  My idea hit me so strong that it almost knocked me over.  I love when someone inspires me. So here is my project for the year.

4 Joys a month x 12 months = 48 Joys + 10 extras = 

Here is the Project:

Joy of Giving -  Every month, I will give something to a charity.  It could be a hand made item, like a shawl or hat or quilt.  I am doing a lot of test knitting for pattern designers, so I could donate the finished item to the cancer center where my sister is going.  I, am giving myself a little fudge room - it could also be items from my house that I am cleaning out.  Something that will bring Joy to someone else and me by giving.

Joy of Reading - Every month, I will read a new book.  I love to read, but after working all day, I am exhausted, so my choices of books are pretty easy.  I want to read a best seller each month, a book that I can discuss with my husband. A book that moves and inspires me.  A book that has a reaction.  Suggestions for books are appreciated.

Joy of Learning - Every month, I want to learn something new.  Something big, like digital scrapbooking, changing the oil in the car (probably will let hubby do that), stained glass - something that grabs my inner teacher and lifelong learning experience.

Joy of Food - Every month, experience a new restaurant.  Hubby and I love to eat out, but we are always going to the same places.  I want to try something new and experience all that the restaurant has to offer.  It doesn't have to be in our City, but something new and fresh.  We watch the Food Network and they talk about all these yummy places to eat.  I want to try some of those places.

+10 Extras - During the year, I want to visit 10 different beach piers.  I live in California and I have only seen 3 piers.  Hubby and I put it on our bucket list of places that we would like to see this year, when I retire.  So, I am taking it off of the bucket list and adding it to this project.

During the year, I want to create a book of all these experiences.  Maybe, I will do it digitally and have it bound or scrapbook with paper, not sure yet.  I want to experience more JOY on purpose this year, because I am finding out life is way too short.

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  1. I love the idea of your project. It sounds like an exciting year for you.