Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Photo Shoot

My grand son turned a month old yesterday and I, really, wanted to do a photo shoot.  He was a complete angel the whole 20 minutes that I was taking his picture.  This is the picture I wanted to take, I saw it on Pinterest.  A picture each month.

The boys painted a chalkboard wall in my dining room, just so I could take these pictures.

He loves his hands and they are, usually, by his face.

What I didn't expect to get, was the picture below.  I started talking to him, he was looking right at me.  He gave me a smile and started cooing.  I pressed down on the camera shutter and took 3 of the most adorable pictures of him.  It was pure luck, I didn't plan on taking a picture - I didn't know my camera was focused on him.  I started crying, he looked at his mom and was trying to figure out why we were so excited.  I am so glad that I had the camera in my hand.

This is, definitely my favorite photo of him.  I love, love being a Grandma - I highly recommend it.


  1. What a sweet sweet little boy! He is just precious!
    I found you through simple as that Sunday Link- Up!

  2. What cute photos! He is so adorable :)

    New follower!!

  3. Those are gorgeous photos, Terri.

  4. Wonderful photos! You did a great job. I always consider it pure luck if I can get a smile like that too.

  5. How sweet is that last photo! Happy 1 month!!