Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Picture update

I, finally, updated my picture wall.  I love this wall.  I had left my computer in Hawaii and the template for the pictures was on that computer. I put a bunch of the baby on the wall.  I can't believe that he is already 13 days old.  He has changed so much.  I am loving his expressions, love to watch him sleep.

This is the first thing that I see when I walk downstairs in the morning and the last thing that I see.  It makes me happy.  The pictures do hang straight on the wall, but they got a little distorted when I took the picture. 

I, think, we are going to the beach - since it is warm - to take a couple of pictures of the grand baby today.  We will, probably, show him off at daddy's work.

I am still having major anxiety of what to do.  I feel like it is time for a change, but not sure what to do.  It is starting to cripple me - physically and emotionally.  I really need it to stop.  I am in so much pain because of it.  It is so hard to work with a difficult person.  I try and move pass it, but I can't. I have the positive attitude when I get there - to just be there with my kids.  Then, she does something and says something that is so unprofessional.  It bothers me.  It ruins my day.  Maybe I need to change schools, but I don't want to leave my friends and parents that I love because of one person.  I need to release that control.

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