Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I am looking for a simpler life, one without all the baggage.  A life created by me, just for me.  I know it is out there.  I just need to create it.  I am a creative thinker.  I love looking at things and saying "I can do that".  My mind craves creativity - it needs to plan things out.  I don't always get them done, but I think I enjoy the planning part the best.

I am crazy for color, which would explain why I have so much fabric and yarn.  I don't always make things with them, but I love, love looking at them.  Right now, I have a stack of yellow, gray, black and white fabric on my table.  It makes me REALLY HAPPY.  I am not a yellow person, so it was strange that I would be drawn to this color.  I think it was the gray in the fabric.  I am thinking that I am going to make a diaper bag, receiving blanket and a car cover for Kiwi - that is mine to use.  I just need to cut into the fabric, which is the biggest step.

I am crazy for polka dots and most recently chevron stripes.  Can you say happiness????

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