Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ton of bricks

It hit me "like a ton of bricks" about 30 minutes after I posted yesterday's sob story.  I figured out what I wanted, what I needed.  I want and need my life to be simpler and I believe I figured out how to accomplish it.

First, the fantastic Barb is making this blog all pretty.  Second, I am going through my stuff and getting rid of some of it or finding a new use for a lot of it - stay turned to that.  My mind is spinning with possibilities, but good possibilities.  Time to use what I have and not to buy anything new for awhile.  Third, I am working towards retiring early.  It might not be this school year, but by next school year I will be done.  I figured out how to do it and it is going to take a little bit of work to accomplish it - but I can do it.  I want to spend more time with the grand babies.  Not sure if my husband will be moving back this June or next, but I want to spend more time with him.

I feel good about this decision.  My kids and hubby want me to retire - so I will stay healthy.  It is time and I have a plan - it feels really good.

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